whats happening in lebanon?

a carrd made by a lebanese.

thawra (revolution)

economic crisis


how to help.

in october 2019, the thawra (revolution) began due to:

+an economic and political crisis
+lack of stable electricity and clean water
+electoral fraud
+poor waste management
+severe rates of unemployment

citizens have been organizing protests demanding change for 10 months.

reasons behind the protests:

the protests began after the prime minister, Saad Hariri, attempted to increase the prices of taxes, tobacco, gas, and even whatsapp.

protestors demanded for basic services such as healthcare, transportation, and stable electricity since lebanon only offers about half of the electricity needed.

people also demanded a change in the discriminatory ways of the nationality law in order to allow lebanese women to pass down their citizenship to their children, which, as of right now, is forbidden. this law denies said children access to healthcare, loans, or certain jobs since they are considered foreigners.

the movement also seeks to dismantle the political system which is shared between the three main religious communities (muslim sunni, muslim shia, and the christians), each community holds a certain amount of power and roles. however, this has been made much more difficult due to the aggravations of the hezbollah based in Iran.

i’d explain what hezbollah is but this is quite a complicated subject and im not entirely sure how to approach it so i suggest you do research on it yourself.

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many people are in debt and out of business as the economy of lebanon comes to a halt.

Importers of medical supplies have been almost shut down due to their debts, leaving hospitals in lebanon critically low on medical supplies.

lebanon's import supply chain is quickly decreasing to a crawl.

lebanon has not seen an economic crisis this bad since the days of the civil war. here’s an article explaining this much better than i ever could:

lebanon is now on the verge of starvation, fearing that the country will repeat its history from the 1915 famine, where lebanon lost around half its population.

prices of basic goods have skyrocketed.


- 2019: 4,000 LBP ($2.6)
- 2020: 16,500 LBP ($11)


- 2019: 14,000 LBP ($9)
- 2020: 32,000 LBP ($21)


- 2019: around 20,000 LBP ($13)
- 2020: 30,000 - 70,000 LBP ($20 - $46)

along with the famine, the poor and elderly struggle with high risks of COVID-19. the medical institution is dangerously lacking crucial medical supplies, the probabilities of death due to both famine and the pandemic have increased significantly.

living conditions of palestinian and syrian refugees were already quite horrific before the crisis. judging by the way things are currently going for lebanon, their conditions are expected to severely worsen.

domestic workers who have faced the struggles of the Kafala system are now left without pay, belongings or their passports. most of them can be found asleep on the streets.

How you can help:

donate to the organizations below. if you can’t, spread the word, share this.

Domestic Workers Aid:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Food Relief:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Food, Elders and Marginalized Communities Aid:

[email protected]

Milk and Diapers:

[email protected]

Beirut Bombing Crisis:

[email protected]
[email protected] houses lebanon

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